Friday, November 1, 2013


This has been all over the news this week, on the ICA Facebook page, basically everywhere you look, there is a story about the New FDA rules on prescription painkillers! It is said that these new rules could effect over 47 million Americans! This is an extremely important issue for many IC patients who suffer, not only with their IC pain, but often with pain from other associated conditions as well. This is something we all need to get educated about so there are no surprises and we can all talk to our doctors about how and if this will impact our pain management!

Here is a link to the story that was reported on the NBC Nightly News by their Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman. I think it's worth watching.

Here's a link to the FDA Press Release on this new policy. I think it's mandatory reading for anyone that is working with a Pain Management Specialist.

In addition, here are some links to stories on this important change on how these new rules will impact the many pain patients that desperately need these medications. The U.S. Pain Foundation has released a statement expressing their disappointment in this decision by the FDA and I encourage everyone to read this statement.

Here's a link to the National Pain Report's comments on these new rules, along with the story of one pain patient's life with prescription pain medications and her feelings on this new rule.

As you can see, the opinions are all over the place. Some are opposed to these new rules without question; some are in favor 100%; some walk the middle ground believing safety is utmost but wanting patients who desperately need their meds to be able to get them safely, quickly and without hassle. I think everyone believes that safety when prescribing serious pain medications is extremely important. I don't think we'd find any argument there. 

But I'm not writing this to voice a specific personal opinion on this topic. I am Blogging today about this in the hope that those that these new FDA Rules will impact will read everything they can, talk to their doctors and make sure that they know what it will take to continue to have access to the care they need!

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