Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Fall 2013 Issue Covers IC!

I have been anxiously waiting for this to become available online so that I could share it with everyone! The American Urological Association (AUA), who most IC patients know for the AUA Guidelines on the Diagnosis & Treatment of IC, publishes a magazine for its members (much like the ICA does for its members) several times a year. This is a professional medical magazine for doctors and healthcare providers.

The Fall Issue of the AUA's Global Connections magazine COVER STORY is on IC! And as if that wasn't exciting enough, because I was able to get the AUA to follow me on Twitter, when working on putting this story together, they contacted me to ask if I would contribute to the story! Would I? Heck Yes!

This has been in the works since August and I didn't want to say anything until the story was actually published because one never knows if something will happen and it won't come to pass. Not to mention, I had no idea if the quotes I provided would be used or end up on the "cutting room floor" as the saying goes.

I am very excited to see IC get such an important and thorough story done in a professional medical journal, for doctors, not to mention that it's the Cover Story to boot! To be asked to be part of this important story means the world to me. My part is very small and at the end of the article, but to be given the chance to speak on behalf of IC patients gives me such a sense of satisfaction. I hope this story reaches the medical audience who read this magazine and, therefore, helps IC patients get better treatments and understanding.

I want to thank the AUA for covering IC in such a major way! I also want to thank the AUA for contacting me and asking me to contribute, however small, to this story! We need all the awareness we can get, and this is a huge step toward something so many of us are always asking for: educating the medical profession! 

Here is the link to the story where you can read it. Print it out, give it to your doctor and their staff. Share it with family and friends who you feel need to see something this significant about IC to fully understand it! 

This is a screen shot of the Magazine Cover;
I think the picture is a perfect visual of what having IC feels like!

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