Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Many of you may be aware that an Extremely Generous Anonymous Donor recently presented the ICA with a $50,000 Matching Challenge Grant. With this unique opportunity, every contribution to the ICA Pilot Research Program up to $10,000 per individual or organization was matched by this donor. Research projects funded with this grant will further enhance our quest for answers and focus on identifying the causes of IC and exploring broadly applicable treatments.

Well, the response was so overwhelming, and thanks to everyone's generous support, not only did we hit that $50,000 mark, the donor has generously RAISED the matching grant amount up to $75,000!!
This is such awesome and exciting news!

So often we all talk about how much we desperately need research funding and now, look what has been accomplished! First our Anonymous Donor offers the ICA the $50,000 to create the Matching Challenge Grant. Then this creates such a huge response among the IC Community that the goal is reached and now the challenge has been Raised!

You can read more about the Matching Challenge Grant on the ICA website and I'll post some links here.

So, as we approach the season of Giving, consider asking friends and family to help reach the New $75,000 goal by making a donation in your name to the Matching Grant Fund! This is what I do for my Birthday and Christmas every year. I ask friends and family to NOT buy me any presents but instead make a donation to the ICA! With this wonderful opportunity to raise so much money for IC research, the incentive is even greater to do so!

Let's do all we can to help meet the challenge and hit this amazing New Goal and double the money going to IC research! Every penny counts and no donation is too small! 

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