Saturday, November 30, 2013


If you've been reading anything I write lately, you probably know I've been fighting a super nasty case of bronchitis (we assume). I am still not well and coughing constantly and actually feel worse this weekend that at anytime over the nearly 3 weeks since I started coughing.

I don't have pneumonia - the chest X-Ray was negative - and I have finished all the meds my doctor gave me so one would think I would be improving by now. But it is not to be. Nearly ruined my Thanksgiving but I was able to enjoy some nice family time.

I am sapped of every single ounce of whatever energy I might have had even before getting sick. I am a blob on my comfy chair with my blanket and heating pad. My sainted mother has been doing all she can to help me. I guess this will just have to run its course. Might call the doctor on Monday if I'm still this bad. We'll see. He told me last time we spoke that we had exhausted all the treatment options for this and what might be left to try, I can't take. 

So here I am. Too tired to turn my brain on and write a serious Blog. I'm "writing in" sick today. Guess that's where I've been for the past two days already.

I hope everyone else is doing better than I am and taking it easy this Thanksgiving weekend as we kick off the holiday season.

Thanks for all the nice messages and well wishes so many of you have been sending me. They mean so much to me.

Nothing's Changed!!

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