Saturday, November 16, 2013


As if IC and all its associated conditions weren't enough for us to deal with, getting sick with a virus or cold just makes everything so much worse! As most of you know by now if you're a follower, I have a nasty case of bronchitis and have been coughing for days! It hurts so much and aside from feeling like I'm going to crack a rib from the coughing, my bladder doesn't like it much either! 

I saw my Primary Care doctor yesterday and he confirmed I was extremely congested and needed to treat it aggressively. So I have an antibiotic, an inhaler and over the counter Mucinex. He told me if I'm not better by Monday or Tuesday to call him and he'd want a chest X-Ray. I'm hoping it won't come to that!

I am taking the weekend to be a patient - well, more so than usual! At least for today, I'm not even getting out of my jammies; I didn't make my bed in case I want to take a nap. My "sainted mother" is waiting on me not allowing me to do anything; bringing me my meals and anything I need. She even brought me our bell to ring if I need anything. I am so blessed to have such a great Mom (a plus, she's a retired Registered Nurse!). She already takes care of me with all my IC and related issues and when I get sick, she kicks it in to overdrive. She is the best Mom! I don't take it for granted.

I have no idea how I got this. I avoid sick people like the plague. I don't really go anywhere except my IC doctor's office. Family knows to stay away when they are sick and are great at watching out for me and telling me to steer clear. But I guess I've been lucky. I haven't had a cold or anything like this in a very long time, so I guess it was bound to happen. I'll take my medicine, rest, drink my water and hope we can kick this.

But seriously, I HATE getting sick(er)!

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