Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been so impressed with all the efforts I have seen by other IC patients to help raise awareness, raise funds for research and just get the word out! It warms my heart to see so many taking an active role in their healthcare and trying to help others by becoming an IC "activist". They may not see themselves that way, but I do! 

From "Mommyland" working so long and hard and finally being invited to appear on The Doctors TV show (amazing!); to others creating T-Shirts to sell for IC Awareness; still others (aside from me) Blogging about IC and how it affects their lives (See below for Blogs I like); still others looking to start Support Groups or those that already do. The list of activities by IC patients seems to grow every day. 

All of these women are IC Warriors and are to be commended for all they do to help others struggling to cope with IC. I am impressed by the number of us that want to DO something, anything, to raise awareness and help with fight against IC.

I am inspired to keep up the fight and continue my Blogging and Tweeting and fundraising to do what I can do to help the cause!

Sometimes it feels like it's a drop in the bucket - just me doing what I do - until I look at what everyone else is doing and suddenly I realize that we are all making a difference. Everything, no matter how big or small, when done to help raise awareness or funds for research is a big deal, I believe.

Keep up the good work everyone. You are all an inspiration!

And, like I've said before - Together We Can Do So Much!

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