Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We all know that feeling. It hits like a ton of bricks and suddenly you feel like asking yourself "When Did I Get Hit by a Truck?" The pain becomes overwhelming and the exhaustion takes over and you feel every inch of your body hurts that you didn't even think could hurt!

Earlier in the day you were feeling pretty OK. I know I'm never going to win any prizes for feeling great; I just have accepted my new normal and it's most definitely nowhere near my pre-IC feeling good! But I know what a "good" day is vs. a "bad" day. So like many of us, when I'm having a good day I have a tendency to do things that need doing or that I don't usually get to do. Sometimes knowing full well that feeling will hit at some point. Some things are just worth it. Spending time with a friend or with family at a gathering. They take a toll, but because they are so good for my soul, I don't mind and plan ahead to take it easy the next day - or however long it takes - to recover.

Then there are the days where I think we can all relate. We feel pretty good and decide we're going to take on more than we should. This is what happened to me yesterday. My Mom and I want to have a garage sale in a few weeks and we need to get moving on getting organized for that and going through stuff in the basement, the garage and so forth. So that meant many, many trips up and down the stairs to the basement, lots of bending, lifting and hours of going through stuff, throwing things out, separating what is garage sale material and what is trash. We made a great start and I am glad. When I moved in with my parents after getting IC it was a challenge to merge two households. I got rid of a lot of stuff, so did my Mom. We worked together to blend my things with her things so that it felt like it was as much my home as it was theirs and that I wasn't just a "renter" so to speak. We've had quite a few garage sales since I moved in but we still have too much "STUFF" and need to pare down even more. I'm on board with this and want to help. My Mom is 83 years old and had knee replacement surgery in May, so I can't just sit back and say I can't help when half the stuff is mine. So I rolled up my sleeves and pitched in.

By about 3PM, there was that feeling! BAM! I felt like I'd been hit by a truck! I just crashed. I hurt all over my body; every inch. I hurt in places you wouldn't think you could hurt. It's like that joke that even my finger nails hurt. Every inch of my body was screaming at me. I ended up going to bed much earlier than I usually do and while I got up to visit the bathroom several times during the night as always, I slept well (like a rock) and didn't get up until about half an hour ago. I still hurt all over and am exhausted.

This will pass. I will take it slow today and take it easy on myself. I really didn't think I was over-doing it while I was doing it. I thought I was going about it in a way that would minimize the blow back. But it was not to be.

I will have other days like this. I think we all do. Sometimes there are just things that need doing. We work hard to minimize trashing ourselves, but it doesn't always work out so well. I know I am going to do more to help prepare and do what I can when we have our garage sale. I will try harder to approach this in a way that doesn't "hurt me" quite as much as this time around. 

You'd think after all these years, I'd be used to this feeling. But I find it so interesting that often it feels like one minute I'm doing OK and literally, 60 seconds later I have hit the wall, the pain takes over and I end up having that thought go through my head "When Did I Get Hit by a Truck?"


  1. Catherine, I have hit that wall so many times! Sometimes I feel like it comes out of nowhere...the proverbial "hit by a truck" feeling. I hope you are feeling better. Hugs and prayers to ya!