Monday, April 29, 2013


Yes, plural, doctors. I just saw my IC doctor on Thursday and he wants me to continue with my instillations, so I had an appointment already for that (nurse appointment really). I have some time to kill in between that and my next appointment with my psychologist, so I decided to Blog right from the doctor's waiting room! The therapist's waiting room is nice and quiet unlike so many other doctor's. It's even got "mood" lighting and I'm the only one here so it's a nice place to wait.

I feel more tired today than usual, yet I slept pretty well last night. I'm thinking it's from the walks I did over the weekend, so I will listen to my body and take it easy today. No need to overdo it and make things worse, right!

It's another beautiful day here in the Chicago area, so maybe I'll spend some time on our deck in the fresh air. Stupid weather here is supposed to get cold again for a few days. We finally get some real Spring and of course it can't just stick around!

I've really been enjoying the last few days of nice weather. Our flowers are finally blooming and our ducks have finally returned asking for their cracked corn! Our nest boxes are showing lots of activity with Eastern Blue Birds and Tree Swallows fighting over who gets the nest box! I enjoy watching it all and it gives me something to do and enjoy that takes my mind off my IC.

Well, almost time to go in, so I'll sign off for today. Wishing everyone a good day and hope you too are enjoying some nice weather.

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