Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I had another one of those nights last night, tossing and turning in excruciating pain throughout my entire body, not just my bladder. I finally caved in - again - around 3A.M. and took a Benadryl which put me to sleep. When I have to do that, I get "medicine head" for about 24 hours, so today I am groggy and keep falling asleep. I'm trying to stay awake so maybe I can sleep tonight. 

So, since I am so groggy today, I thought I'd just put up a little something that I found amusing and sort of how I feel today. 


  1. I have medicine head too. I started some new medicine today and I'm having a time with it

  2. I hear that! I can't take anything because everything makes me so sick, so even one little Benadryl knocks me on my butt for 24 hours! Hope you adjust to your new meds soon!