Monday, April 1, 2013


This Blog post is about the kindness of friends and neighbors. If you follow my Blog you may be aware that I often write about my wonderful Mother having to drive me to all my doctor appointments. I don't know where I'd be without all her help, but I am lucky to have her and don't take it for granted for one minute.

That said, my parents are on a much deserved vacation for about 10 days and then in May my mother needs to have knee replacement surgery. So the problem arises, how will I get to all my doctor appointments? 

While my family is supportive, they all have jobs that, as we all understand, make it really impossible for them to take time off to take me to my appointments. But I am lucky and blessed to live in a community filled with wonderful friends and neighbors who have worked hard to put together a volunteer committee to help residents with things just like this - driving people to doctor appointments, cooking meals, shopping, picking up prescriptions and so much more. My wonderful sister-in-law is on the committee, known as the Prairie Crossing Volunteer Corps, otherwise known to us as the PCVC (the name of our community is Prairie Crossing). So my sister-in-law hooked me up with the committee and the members of the committee didn't hesitate to line up to volunteer to drive me to all my upcoming doctor appointments while my parents are away and while my Mom recovers from her surgery in May! Some of the committee members I know a little, some better than others and some I have never met but will soon. Each has contacted me to let me know the date for which they are volunteering, get details and confirm with me. 

This is an amazing gift to receive and I am truly grateful to live in such a community where neighbor helping neighbor is alive and well and on display in the truest sense! Sometimes it really does "take a village"!

No one wants money for gas or anything for their time. They do this out of a true desire to help others in their community and some because they want to give back because they have benefitted from the help of the PCVC. 

My gratitude for these wonderful friends and neighbors means so much to me that I knew I had to do SOMETHING to show my appreciation. But what I asked myself since no one wanted anything in return? Then it hit me; the perfect way to say thank you. I made a donation to the ICA in the name of the PCVC to let them know how much what they are doing means to me. By donating to the ICA in their name, now they have not only helped me, but everyone suffering with IC as well. Money that will go directly to IC research. 

Sometimes we think we are going through this alone and then along comes a group of people to help and the kindness of friends, family and neighbors shows us how wrong that is! 

Thank you to all the members of the PCVC for all they do for everyone in my community and for the gift of their time and help!

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