Tuesday, April 23, 2013


If you've been following my Blog you know I have been struggling for over 3 years with chronic UTI's on top of my IC. It has been horrendous, painful, exhausting and frustrating to say the least. But back on February 5th my doctor started me on a new treatment plan to see if we could break this cycle. I had just finished a round of antibiotics to clear the most recent infection and so we wanted to start the very next day on this new plan.

Well, here we are 78 days later and I am UTI free! This is a big deal for me; I am only 12 days away from hitting 90 days without an infection. That will be a landmark and the longest period of time I have gone without an infection in over 3 years. I am very pleased. I don't want to get myself too excited and set myself up for disappointment if I hit a bump in the road. But I am optimistic and that's a good thing!

I feel my body is still in recovery mode from nearly 4 years of UTI's on top of IC but breaking the cycle is allowing me to recover and get back to what I call "my normal level of bad" which is simply living with my IC and its symptoms and issues. Believe me, right now I'll take it!

I see my doctor this week and I will be interested to hear how he feels we should proceed. We will have quite the discussion I am sure. But, whatever we decide is the best approach going forward, I am grateful for the plan he put together that has gotten me this far. 

So, I tick the days off on the calendar as each day passes that I am UTI free. Today is 78 days and counting! And I am grateful.

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