Friday, April 26, 2013


As you know if you follow my Blog, I posted the other day that my three plus years battle with chronic UTI's had finally been halted and that I was UTI free for 78 days. I also wrote that I try not to allow myself to get overly excited about these milestones in case I hit a bump in the road and relapse. So while I was pleased, I was keeping my emotions level and not jumping up and down.

Well, yesterday I saw my doctor - he is the best! Of course before he comes in, I go over things with his nurse and told her as of yesterday, I was at 80 days with no UTI. So when my doctor came in the exam room he had a big smile on his face and grasped my hand warmly and said "80 days! We have a lot to be happy about!"  

I told him about my philosophy of not getting to excited or celebrating because if I got a UTI, I didn't want to feel like it was a huge let down. Well, he looked at me and said, he understood my thinking but said he wanted me to give myself permission to be excited and celebrate this victory! It's OK if it doesn't last forever and I get another UTI in the near future; we'll cross that bridge when and if we get to it. But in the meantime, 80 days is a big deal - so says my doctor - that is reason to celebrate!

I have been going to my doctor for 12 years and I trust him implicitly. He is the most caring, dedicated and knowledgeable doctor I have ever worked with. His patience knows no bounds and he really listens to me. He has helped me so much, so when he makes a recommendation, I listen.

So, per my "doctor's orders" this Blog post is me Celebrating 81 days (as of today) of being UTI free! Thank you doctor for getting me here! 

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