Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I finally captured a mini-seizure on camera. This is a Seizure (or seizure activity). I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 5 years ago and this is just one of the milder symptoms I experience but my Neurologist has never seen. I'm going to show him this little video when I see him next.

I've certainly had worse where I've bitten my tongue and also have arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers etc. spasming and flailing, while my face goes crazy (this is mild compared to some I've had). I drop things and my legs jerk out from under me sometimes when walking. Since this lung issue came up, it seems my seizure symptoms are worsening so I am concerned about the effects all these medications for my lungs might be having on my other medications. Something I need to investigate as we do not want things to escalate.

Just thought I'd share a little of what else I am dealing with every day on top of my IC and this new lung disease

Yes, This is A Seizure

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