Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have been struggling lately to post on my Blog as often as I would like. This lung disease that is still not under control is making things so much more challenging for me on top of my IC and associated conditions.

I don't want every Blog be about "me"! I know the idea is to share our stories and experiences as we go through them. But I've felt like I have nothing to say these days since I got so sick. It even takes energy I don't really have to sit here and try to write something.

But I am inspired by so many of my IC friends who also have so much to deal with. I know I am not alone in having multiple medical issues that have to be dealt with. So many of my IC friends are struggling with multiple health issues and yet are going to work, going to school, taking care of families and so much more. Each of you inspires me and gives me strength.

This is what I hoped for when I became an IC Patient Advocate. That I would get as much back, if not more, than I would give. Writing this Blog, using Twitter, belonging to some great IC Facebook groups has introduced me to so many wonderful people I would never have met. 

I could have curled up in a ball, even today with this added medical problem, and never gotten out of bed. But I didn't feel any better if I did that. It didn't help. So I made a decision to become as active as I could and I have gotten so much in return.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers. Thank you for helping each other. Seeing the help everyone shares with each other is inspiring. 

You never know where a source of inspiration may come from. I am inspired by all of you! 

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