Wednesday, August 21, 2013


If you follow my Blog, you are aware that I am always trying to go for a walk but it is a never ending struggle. It's hard enough due to my IC and pain, but I have much less tolerance for dealing with extreme weather - either cold or hot. I joked with my family the other day, that as I've gotten older and especially since IC, I have about a 10 degree temperature variance that I am satisfied with. Otherwise I am either too hot or too cold and both make me feel lousy. So it's easy to find a reason to not go outside for a walk.

I have always said I much prefer to walk outside. I have, in the past, always loved being outside in nice weather. I love our trails and nature. But it is really become a physical challenge for me and the days I do it, I feel accomplished but then I am wiped out. I never seem to string together more than a day or two before I feel like I need a break which ends up being more days off than on.

Today, my 83 year old Mom was getting ready to go to our fitness center (we have a small free homeowners fitness center that I can literally see from my house). She had knee replacement surgery 3 months ago and has been working so diligently on her rehab and was going to the fitness center to ride the stationary bicycle. So I thought for a moment, and called to my Mom that I would go with her and use the treadmill.

I did really well. I did 1.75 miles in 33 minutes and felt less discomfort on the treadmill than I do when walking the trails. I actually worked up a sweat, which is good. I have always said I really didn't like walking on the treadmill because it's so boring. But I brought my iPhone and headphones, chose some upbeat music and started walking. The time went faster than I thought it would and, while I will admit that my bladder was "whispering" to me, but as I said already, it was much easier to walk on the treadmill than outside. 

So, I feel like I should work harder on going to the fitness center more, no matter what the weather is. Even if it a perfect day outside, I apparently feel better on the treadmill, there is a bathroom there so I can pause the treadmill and hop off to use the bathroom if I need to, and I feel like I'm actually getting a better workout without hurting myself.

Maybe today was just a lucky day. I'm sure there will be days when it may not go as well. But I feel good about doing SOMETHING today and want to at least TRY to go more often. I want to keep moving and get some exercise. I know it's hard for many of us with IC to do any form of exercise; it is for me. But this seems to be something I should work on more and see if it's something that will work for me on at least a semi-regular basis. 

I feel good right now. Today I Did Something! 

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