Thursday, August 15, 2013


I posted a few weeks ago that "The Streak Was Over!" and after close to 6 months going without a UTI (after a 4 year battle), I had a relapse and gotten a UTI. So close! One week short of 6 months! It was frustrating and certainly disappointing, but I filled the prescription for the antibiotic and took it for 7 days hoping to clear it up.

When I was in the office the other day for my instillation, I told the nurse that I didn't feel 100%. I complained of still feeling symptoms of a UTI and so they checked before I left. The quick test again showed trace blood and those nasty leukocytes so they told me they had to send it out for a culture. 

I got the call - again - today. The culture was positive and the UTI has not been cleared up. My doctor wants to switch antibiotics and see if that will knock it out once and for all. It's hard not to feel frustrated that after almost 6 months, I might be back on the infection seesaw. I hope not. I will try to focus on my meds and do all that is within my power to help break this relapse and get back on track. But it's hard. We all know what it's like to face frustrating situations when it comes to treating our IC, so I know anyone reading this can relate. I am not alone in this. That gives me strength; knowing that I am not the only one fighting battles. 

Sometimes there is just no figuring things out. I try very hard not to focus on the "why" of stuff like this. It does me no good. But it's hard. Learning techniques to cope with setbacks is something I'm continually working on. I think I'm doing much better coping with setbacks, but it's still a challenge. But I will keep working on it. 

I called the pharmacy and asked them to let me know as soon as my prescription is ready so I can start my treatment ASAP! This time it's 10 days so hopefully that will do the trick. I will focus on not thinking the worst. It's one relapse. Even though we didn't knock it out with the first round, we will do it this time! I will be positive. It's not the end of the world. 

But this is a process for me. I spent 4+ years having UTI after UTI after UTI over and over and over again. So I am somewhat programmed to think the worst. I don't want to think that way, so I will work on it as the UTI saga continues.

The pharmacy just called; my prescription is ready, so off I go to pick it up. 

Here's to better days ahead!

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