Friday, August 9, 2013


I saw the photo below and it made me laugh out loud and we can always use a good medical joke when this is our life! I know this is meant to be funny and it is; but then it got me thinking at a deeper meaning. How many of us have been in a doctor's office that we thought was not as clean as it should be, did indeed have dead plants, the staff was too busy chatting with each other to notice you standing at the window waiting for help, the doctor seemed distracted or just plain impatient. Worst of all, the doctor told you that your IC was "all in your head"!

Truth be told, most of us have probably been in a situation like this at some time or another. I have left doctors because of their arrogance, lack of concern over my level of need and if they couldn't get me out of their exam room in 10 minutes or less with either a prescription or a referral to another doctor, they basically would just walk out! I know I see a lot of posts from people talking about being upset at having a difficult time finding a CARING doctor, let alone one that understands or is knowledgeable about IC. I am lucky; I was sent to one of the top doctors in my area for IC the first time. He is simply, the kindest, most caring doctor I have ever encountered in my whole life and I don't take it for granted.

So, what are some keys to finding the right doctor for you? One resource I found with some great information is this website that I like written by a doctor that I also follow on Twitter,

Check out this article for some good tips on finding the right doctor for you.

There are plenty of articles on the Internet on this subject to help you in your search for the right doctor. But remember, being a prepared patient is one of the things I believe will help you work with your doctor and make your appointment efficient, yet productive. Bring a list of questions so you don't forget to ask what you want. If you've read an article about IC or other associated conditions and treatments, bring those along and don't be afraid to ask about them and what your doctor knows about them or their opinion. Bring a pad and take notes! So often we walk out of the doctor's office and get home and can't remember some of the key points you discussed.

Here's good article on "Making the Most of Your Appointment" from WebMD that I think is worth a read.

But when should we make the decision to move on if we are not happy with our doctor or the care we are getting? Often patients feel uncomfortable leaving a doctor even though they are not happy. I have talked to patients who have actually said to me "can I really switch doctors?" Of course you can and sometimes you should. Again, here's another great article from on the "10 Reasons Why You Need to Change Doctors" that I think is worth the read.

I felt the number one reason on this list is something many IC patients can relate to. Almost all of the reasons on this list are things I know we have all complained about. So if you find yourself feeling that these describe your feelings and experience with your doctor, it's time to move on.

If you are not happy with your doctor, the care you are receiving; if your doctor meets any of the criteria in the article above, don't hesitate to start looking for another doctor. Do your research as suggested, go prepared and don't stop looking until you find the right doctor for you! 

Choosing the right doctor for ourselves and family is very important. Think about these issues the next time you are in your doctor's office. Does your doctor meet all your requirements; are they really listening to you? Do you feel rushed? Is your doctor defensive or unwilling to listen to questions about treatments you want to consider? 

If any of these are true for you, it's time to start looking for a new doctor! 

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