Monday, August 26, 2013


I was emptying boxes of instillation supplies into my bathroom closet, filling my pill dispenser for the week and looked around and thought - WOW! This looks like an aisle in the pharmacy! This is the picture of IC for so many of us! So I thought why not take a picture of it and use it to help raise awareness. I Tweeted this photo today and I wanted to put it on my Blog as well. Some version of this IS the picture of IC! Your line up may contain different meds than mine, but I'm sure we'd all have a similar photo as this.

To live and have any quality of life, most of us have to rely on multiple therapies and I think the photo speaks volumes about what it's like to live with IC and any other chronic illness. 

"The Picture of IC"

Another Photo of what living with IC looks like!

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