Monday, July 20, 2015


Today is my 60th Birthday! A year ago I posted about my birthday last year. I was extremely sick with terminal lung disease, but was on the waiting list for a life saving Lung Transplant. As challenging as it was at the time, I was trying to stay positive that my Gift of Life would come in time. It wasn't easy. And it took 4 more long months of waiting before "THE CALL" finally came and I received my Lung Transplant.

Last year, as hard as it was, being listed for a transplant was a blessing and so I chose to celebrate my life that day. I celebrated with my family, though it was not a big deal and we kept it very low key.

Last year, I did not know if I would be here to celebrate my 60th Birthday, but as I wrote, when I blew out the imaginary candles on my cake (oxygen on board back then so no real candles), I would make a wish that my transplant would come in time and I would be here to celebrate this milestone birthday of turning 60.

I asked all of you to also close your eyes and blow out an imaginary candle making a wish for me that I would get my transplant. One of my Interstitial Cystitis "sisters" started an online candlelight vigil for me for my birthday to support and pray that my wish came true. So many posted pictures of candles they had lit or pictures of candles and participated, it meant so much to me. I truly was touched and moved to tears.

In my younger years, as many of us do, I would make jokes about not looking forward to turning 40, 50, and really not 60. But things like needing a Lung Transplant changes one's perspective.

I could not be happier to be turning 60! I am excited. Friends and I are celebrating; my family is having dinner with me on the day (today) and we will truly celebrate this wonderful birthday! 

This year, as I blow out REAL candles on my cake, I will wish for continued good health, that my lung stays healthy, that my medical team can handle any and all challenges that come our way, and thank them for literally saving my life. I will also express my deepest and sincere thanks and love to my family for supporting me through the most challenging time of my life.

I will also thank every single person that has been supportive to me. You are too numerous to list but you know who you are. Our neighbors that brought us meals for months to help my Mom; the same neighbors that drove me to doctor appointments; the friends that helped with driving and errands and visiting me to keep my spirits up. All my online friends that I only get to see via Facebook; you have an impact and it means so much!  I have SO much for which to be grateful, I think I really do need all 60 candles on the cake it will take that long to make all the wishes I want to wish this year!

This year, I truly have Reason to Celebrate!  So, as I did last year, I'll ask anyone reading this to Close Your Eyes, Blow Out a Real or Imaginary Candle, and wish that all my wishes come true!

Getting Ready to go out to Dinner with Friends on Sunday!
(Looking a whole lot different than one year ago!)

My Birthday Cake!
(I Made It This Year Because I Could!)

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" - Celine Dion

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