Monday, September 21, 2015


Yesterday was the Respiratory Health Association's Hike for Lung Health 3 Mile Walk, which I had signed up to do back in July. All along my younger brother had said he would walk with me to support me, motivate me and help me with water bottles, since I can't drink from the "community cups" along the course.

I have been training for months and fundraising like a madwoman! Wanted to win the #1 Individual Fundraiser spot. That's not going to happen but I'm #2 and pretty darn proud that I managed to raise over $2,600 for lung health, research and education!

Yesterday turned out to be extra special. This was to be a major accomplishment in my Lung Transplant Journey and I worked hard to be ready. But at the last minute my entire family told me they too were going to walk with me in yet another show of support, as they have done through this entire transplant journey. It made the day so special, fun and I felt so loved and supported.

The weather was spectacular which only added to make the day more special. I met a lot of wonderful people from the Respiratory Health Association and hope to help with their mission.

But as challenging as it was, I DID IT! I achieved my goal and completed the 3 Mile Walk, as did my entire family. What a great day! A year ago I was in a wheelchair on oxygen 24/7 waiting for my lung and couldn't even walk around my house. I got so deconditioned. Getting back in shape when you get that deconditioned, it's HARD work to regain your strength. This Walk was a motivator for me; something to work for.

I am proud of all I have accomplished. The work toward recovery is ongoing. I am not 100% yet and don't know when I will be, if I can ever can be "normal" again. But I will keep working hard on my rehab to regain as much strength as possible.

But I am so proud:  

Video of Me & My Family Doing
The Hike for Lung Health!

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