Monday, September 28, 2015


On one hand, I don't know where the the time has gone. On the other there have been times when I felt time stood still.

My Lung Transplant journey begin nearly 2 years ago on November 11, 2013. And now I am only 5 weeks away from the One Year Anniversary of my Lung Transplant.

I just received a letter from the Transplant Team with a long list of tests and doctor visits that I must schedule before or around my Transplant Anniversary Date. October will be a VERY busy month. I had to undergo all these tests before I was accepted for transplant, so it makes sense for them to want to repeat these tests and see where I am one year post transplant. 

Today I just got the results of some blood work I was waiting for and it was good news. Love getting good lab test results! There have been lots of blood tests in this transplant journey and so far most have been all good news. 

I am doing well and will be anxious for the results of all these tests I must have over the next 5 weeks. In November I will also have my one year Bronchoscopy. If all these tests go well, there will be good reason to celebrate.

That is my plan. From the day I got my transplant, I have been hoping to get to one year healthy with few issues and have a party with my family and friends to celebrate this major milestone. This has been a long and winding journey and the most challenging time of my life. But I have worked hard, done everything that was asked of me and am doing well. It hasn't been easy, but has been worth it. 

So the next 5 weeks will be filled with lots of tests and the hope I get all good results. I never mind getting tests. It's how we know what's going on. Is everything OK, or is there something we need to address? So I'm always on board with whatever testing the Transplant Team deems necessary. 

So bring it on! Let the testing begin. I have a One Year Anniversary Party to plan! 5 weeks to go!

Me, September 2015, 10 Months Post Transplant!

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