Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is from one of my videos, but today it is something I am really "feeling" so wanted to share it with everyone. When I am struggling, I turn to things like this to give me inspiration and they really do help me. Sometimes it's the little things, like using a positive affirmation (this could be used as such), listening to some uplifting, happy music, practicing meditation, or using all of the above, that can help get you through the tough times. I use all of them when I am struggling and they do help me. The other day, I was struggling to stay positive, so I put my headphones on, picked some of my favorite music, closed my eyes and used my positive affirmation and within a short amount of time, I felt better and stronger and just plain happier. Something my therapist once said has always stuck with me: you cannot cry if you are laughing. The brain won't allow it. There is an actual chemical reaction in the brain that happens when you laugh or are happy and it won't allow you to cry if you are laughing. So next time you feel down, find something like your favorite music, work on positive affirmations or start recording your favorite comedies on tv that make you laugh out loud and watch them for a while. Whatever works for you.

I choose to fight; fight off the despair and fight to find the things in my life for which to be grateful and happy. They are there; sometimes we just have to look a little harder through the fog to find them!


  1. My daughter was at my house and started reading this. She continued to read all of your previous blogs. I was so happy that she now understands more about "my world". She also understands more about IC. Thanks for taking the time to encourage IC patients and educate others. Hugs & prayers to you!!!

  2. I am SO pleased that my blog has helped you and your daughter! Your comments have made this effort exactly what I had hoped this would be and you have made MY day! Thank you for sharing this story with me!