Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I’m waiting. So it’s been over two weeks since I was in the hospital being run through massive testing to be evaluated to see if I will be accepted as a Transplant candidate. When I was discharged, I was given a list of out patient tests that I also needed to complete on my own and have Fax’d to the Transplant Coordinator that the team had to have before they will meet to discuss my case and whether or not to accept me.

I also am required to meet with the Transplant Surgeon before the team meets. And there’s the hold up. He’s so busy getting an appointment has been tough. I finally have one next week, but they are TRYING to see if there is any way to squeeze me in this week so the team can discuss my case at their weekly meeting this Friday instead of next Friday. As each day passes and that doesn’t happen, i figure it will be next week when I meet him.

I don’t know how soon after the Transplant Team meets and makes their decision that they will notify me. My hope is that it would be the same day. I’m going to call and ask my Coordinator that question. More waiting.

Waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. So many tests. One blood test I need to repeat. Lung Transplant Education Classes I must attend. A series of shots I must get. 

And I wait. And the waiting won’t stop even when I get an answer. If I am accepted and put on the Transplant list, a new level of waiting begins. That’s when I have to wait for lungs to become available that are a match for me. That waiting could be quite a long time. I better get used to waiting.

Right now I just want to be accepted and put on the list. This has been such a long and drawn out process that has included a trip to the Mayo Clinic and three hospitalizations. 

So I wait. Hoping I get the answer I want; the answer I NEED at least by next Friday.

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  1. I'm so sorry Catherine. Thanks for the update. If I pass away, you can have mine.