Saturday, May 24, 2014


I met the Transplant Surgeon on Wednesday afternoon. We really liked him and were very impressed. If you must have a Lung Transplant, this is the guy you want doing it. I’ve had all the tests and this was the last piece of the puzzle so the entire Transplant Team could meet to review my case and decide whether to accept me or not. I was told I would get a call on Friday (yesterday, May 23rd) between 3-5PM. So as I wrote in a previous Blog, I waited for the two days to pass and the call to come.

Finally, on Friday, May 23rd at 3:45PM the call came. I knew it was them by the phone number, so I knew this was it. My hands were shaking as I answered the phone to hear the voice of my Transplant Coordinator.

She tells me the Team met and discussed my case. And the decision was YES; they will accept me for Transplant and put me on the list! I burst into tears! I have hit so many road blocks since I came down with this awful disease, and this was by no means a sure thing, to finally be told they would accept me for transplant was just so overwhelming and now I have a shot at life!

Life! I want more of it. There are no guarantees when it comes to transplantation, and it is certainly a complex health situation to manage. But without it, I have no chance. With it, I have a chance. 

A chance to see my niece and nephews finish college, maybe get married. See my nephew and his wife have their baby this October. A chance is all anyone can ask for. I now have a chance.

There are still some tests I have to have - mostly blood work - before I will actually get put on the list. But that should not take too long and soon I should be on the list. The Transplant Surgeon I met with on Wednesday told me I was so sick, I would likely be very high on the list. I don’t know how that will play out, so that remains to be seen.

I am grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from my family, friends and loved ones since I started sharing the good news.

There is a long and challenging journey ahead of me. It won’t be easy. But for now, we celebrate.

The call finally came and they said YES!


  1. I'm so excited for you! You are my IC Yoda, and SO MANY of us depend on your warmth and wisdom. Your new lungs will be well-used, walking others down the same path down which you led me.

  2. I love veronica's reply!! She made me laugh when she wrote" IC Yoda" lol. But she's right. 100%