Monday, February 10, 2014


Today it's 3 Months since this Pulmonary illness hit me. I have spent 8 days in the hospital, been referred to several specialists, had test after test - some repeated more than a few times. Everything keeps coming back negative. Every treatment we have tried doesn't help and 3 months into this, I am as miserable today as I was when it started. I am no better today than I was when I was admitted to the hospital. I am no better today than I was when I was discharged from the hospital. My symptoms are just as bad as ever and my body is breaking down. My family is very concerned, as are my doctors.

At the encouragement and suggestion of my Pulmonologist, I am heading up to Rochester, MN to the Mayo Clinic for some testing and to see a doctor that he knows and is friends with. My lab tests and scans have all been sent and my testing schedule and appointment with the Mayo doctor is all set.

This was very short notice, just getting the call on Friday and having to try to coordinate all the logistics and who would accompany me. Normally my sainted Mother would be coming with me. But she has broken foot and none of us thinks it's a good idea for her to travel. So, my wonderful family is really stepping up to the plate. Two of my brothers are taking time off from work to accompany me and assist with this very difficult trip for me.

So, tomorrow I'm heading up to Rochester, Minnesota to Mayo. Wednesday are all my tests and my appointment with the doctor. The plan as it stands now is to fly home on Thursday afternoon. Let's hope the plan works out. 

I have nothing to lose and hopefully, finally, answers and a treatment plan that will get me well. I am taking my iPad so I hope to find time to post updates. 

If you read yesterday's Blog post you know it was my usual Sunday Inspiration Quote and Song, but it was a special dedication to my family. This is why I made that special dedication. My whole family has really rallied around me, gone out of their way to help and support me. And for two of my brothers to take time off from work to accompany me means the world to me. I am grateful to my entire family beyond words.

"When Trouble Comes,
It's Your Family that Supports You"
Guy Lafleur

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