Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's been a good few weeks (to make up for the crappy two I had earlier this month). First I got the good report on my last Bronchoscopy; all test results negative. I no longer have to have them every three months; in fact I don't have to have them unless the Transplant Team suspects there is an issue that needs to be checked. This week I had follow-up blood work to check my kidney function. It's finally dropped down below the "magic number" so that's good news!! I haven't had to have any infusions for weeks but my count has continued to drop (this is a good thing).

We have no way of knowing how long my kidney function will stay like this. My Coordinator still has to talk to my doctor about all the lab results and see about a plan. It's unlikely my kidney function will stay this way long term, so she wants a plan for how often to check things. I was told this is likely how things will go for me. Probably be a roller coaster where the kidneys are concerned but they always seem to get things back on track, so I have confidence that they can manage the situation.

I kicked butt at my 6 Minute Walk yesterday. So that feels good. I am still struggling with my fitness level and how I feel when exercising. I know I've made progress, but I don't feel I'm where I should be one year post transplant. So the hospital where I went for my Rehab also has a program and Fitness Center where you can get a 6 month program at a deep discount (since that's where I did my Rehab). I'll get a consultation with one of their Trainers, they'll evaluate me and make a plan for me to follow. Then I can use the facilities for working out and following the plan put together for me. They also have a salt water therapy pool and I asked my Transplant Coordinator if I can use it and was told yes! So I look forward to that. I am optimistic about making the progress I'd like to. I'm willing to put in the work if I can get back to a more "normal" fitness level. I may never get back to feeling or being like I was before my transplant, but I'm going to try to make as much progress as I can!

There will always be some sort of issue and I am getting used to that. It was something I've struggled with since the transplant. Learning to cope with issues like the kidney function, which is kind of scary, is difficult, but I've been talking about these issues with my psychologist and it's helping. Plus I think, as with many things, I'm just getting used to what it's like to be a lung transplant recipient.

This has been a journey that is very hard to put into words. But, even with the bumps in the road that I've had to deal with, I am really doing quite well. The Transplant Team is very pleased and that says that a lot to me. My lung is doing great. Any issues I've had have all been side effects from medication, which the Transplant Team always seems to be able to manage. I can't complain. In fact, it's really all good news after one year. I can't believe a whole year has passed and here I am, doing well.

Two years ago I'd been sick for about a week at this point. By December I was in the hospital and by February I was at Mayo getting my diagnosis and learning I would need a Lung Transplant. I never thought I could handle what one has to go through with a lung transplant, but I did it! I got through it and thanks to my donor, my life was saved and now one year later, I drove myself to an appointment yesterday and one today - not very far from home, but I did it. Really proud of myself.

Yes, one year post transplant, things are looking good!