Saturday, May 16, 2015


I haven't Blogged in a few weeks for several reasons. We've been moving (not that I'm any help) and Comcast screwed up the change-over to the new house and we didn't have ANY phone, Internet or TV for nearly two weeks! It was such a cluster**** you wouldn't believe it. But leave it to my Mom to never give up and she finally got it straightened out and got us a bunch of free stuff too.

I also had my 6 month Post Transplant Bronchoscopy. It went well and got all good news from all the labs taken from the procedure! So that's the good. However, I had a delayed reaction to the Bronchoscopy, which was on Monday. When I woke up Wednesday morning I had a fever of 101.8! Time to call my Transplant Nurse Coordinator. It's not unusual for this to happen, although the 2 day delay is a bit out of the ordinary. I was given permission to take some Tylenol (I'm not allowed to take ANYTHING without permission) which I did. And while the fever went down over the next 24 hours, it did not break until Friday. I was WIPED OUT for the whole week! It really knocked me on my butt. So I've been slow to recover from that.

I had some blood work taken this past Friday and am anxious to talk to my Coordinator on Monday, as the kidney function numbers are not good. Whenever they've been this high before, I got a phone call about it and what my doctor wanted to do. My potassium level is also extremely high, which is likely the result of the renal function problems.

I have been so excited to have marked the six month anniversary of my Transplant. I've been told by my Transplant Team how great I am doing (although that was before these recent blood tests showing the poor kidney function). I feel pretty good and keep adding things to my daily routine. I'm making all my meals myself; doing laundry all by myself; keeping up with my exercise since graduating from Rehab. 

I feel confident that the Transplant team can take care of my kidney issues; they have before. It's usually a matter of adjusting some medication. It's a challenge for many transplant patients, so I'm not unique in this regard. I just want them to get it controlled as I would like to avoid the total kidney failure many transplant patients go through. I don't think I'm ever scheduling lab tests on a Friday again; waiting to talk to my Coordinator about this the whole weekend is nerve wracking. But I'm keeping up with my routine and trying to stay positive that all will be well.

Six months is a big deal in Lung Transplant vs. other organs. So having made it to this milestone as well as I have, is very positive. 

A year ago, I wasn't even listed on the UNOS Organ Transplant Waiting List yet. Now I am 6 months post transplant! Truly a blessing for which I am ever grateful. I wake up every single day and think of my donor, grateful for their generous gift of life that saved mine. 

I am confident the Transplant Team will get this kidney issue under control and I will continue to do well. I refuse to think otherwise. I am looking forward to marking other milestones and continuing to enjoy this wonderful life.

Celebrating My 6 Month Anniversary
I Walked a Personal Best on this Day of 1.55 Miles!

My "Bravelet" Bracelet for Raising Awareness
for Organ Donation & Transplantation
A Gift from a Dear Friend

"Be Brave"

"Win" - Brian McKnight

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